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Dell 5000 Series Thin Client - Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux
High-Performance Virtual Desktop

Dell 5000 Series Thin Client - Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux

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High-performance multimediaThe Wyse 5000 series thin client is a highly efficient and powerful endpoint platform for Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and Wyse vWorkspace virtual desktop environments. It is available as a zero client, a diskless cloud desktop or a thin client with Windows Embedded Standard, Wyse-enhanced enterprise Linux, or virus-immune Wyse ThinOS. With its extremely compact size and high performance, it’s a versatile virtual desktop endpoint or cloud desktop when used with Wyse WSM software.

High-performance multimedia

Need to deploy a dependable platform to display, manipulate and work with high-definition multimedia, voice and video in a virtualized environment? With a choice of powerful, energy-saving dual or quad core AMD G Series APUs in a compact chassis with dual-HD monitor support, the 5000 series thin client delivers stunning performance and display capabilities across 2D, 3D and HD video applications. As such, it supports a broad and diverse range of user, application and operating requirements.

Highly scalable, easy to operate and manage

Highly scalable, easy to operate and manage

IT administrators won’t need to visit or touch cloud clients to manage them. The 5000 series thin client can be managed remotely with Wyse Device Manager (WDM). WDM lowers the total cost of ownership for large deployments and offers remote enterprise-wide management that scales as you grow from just a few to tens of thousands of cloud clients.

Environmentally conscious computing without compromise

When it comes to energy efficiency, the 5000 series outperforms other, more power-hungry desktop alternatives. Its silent diskless and fanless design helps reduce power usage to just a fraction of that used in traditional desktops. Dell is committed to helping you implement a computing strategy with a lower environmental impact — one that offers an efficient and productive computing experience by significantly reducing energy usage and heat generation.

SUSE LinuxOperating Systems - Dell Wyse enhanced SUSE Linux

Dell Wyse enhanced Ubuntu Linux is a simple, secure, and easy to manage platform designed for customers looking for flexibility and support of the latest protocols (ICA, RDP, etc) without the need for a Windows-based thin client.

Simple 'Hands-off' management
Deploying, managing, and updating Ubuntu Linux is easier than any other thin-Linux distribution, Period. Utilizing Dell Wyse's proven automatic update and configuration approach, management tasks can be handled centrally and easily without any management software required.

Updating 1 or 1,000 thin clients is as simple as dragging and dropping a file into a folder. For customers that desire a little more hands-on approach (such as asset tracking, reporting, etc) then integration with Dell Wyse Device Manager is built-in.

It's designed with security in mind. IT managers are able to provide a locked-down experience, smartcard login to virtual environments, VPN connectivity, and leverage a read-only file system that protects against data loss, theft and virus attacks.

Enterprise-quality Linux optimized by Dell

And it is the only enterprise-quality Linux platform optimized for cloud client computing, created by combining the security and flexibility of Ubuntu Linux with Dell's cloud client computing leadership and innovation in user experience and simplified management.

Flexible, Multi-Protocol Support
Being built from a standard enterprise-quality Linux distribution means support for a wide range of protocols and infrastructures straight-out-of-the-box including Citrix, Microsoft and VMware – allowing you to mix-and-match connections from a single image.

That's Dell Wyse enhanced Ubuntu Linux
The only enterprise-quality Linux platform, optimized by Dell cloud client computing.

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