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Dell 7000 Series Mobile Thin Client - Windows Embedded Standard
Mobile Cloud Client-Computing, Virtual Desktop Access

Dell 7000 series Mobile Thin Client - Windows Embedded Standard

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The Wyse 7000 series mobile thin client features Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux or Windows Embedded Standard 7. You’ll also find a crisp 14” LED backlit display and a dual core high performance accelerated processing unit (APU) with integrated graphics processor, that delivers excellent HD multimedia capabilities and advanced SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity.

The dual core AMD G-Series T-56N is the world’s first single embedded APU that integrates a low-power processor and advanced graphics processing unit (GPU). The result is outstanding performance in an extremely compact and energy-efficient thin client form factor.

No hard drives. No worries.

There’s one vital benefit for mobile workers who regularly work with sensitive data in insecure environments: the absence of hard drives. Like the Wyse cloud client computing range, Wyse 7000 series mobile thin clients ensure that all your employees’ data is safely stored and accessed from secure virtual desktop servers, so there’s no risk of data-loss from stolen or lost laptops.

This hard drive-free design is not only more secure but also contributes to a far longer lifespan than other comparable laptops. Everything’s encased in slim, robust designs that are ideal for today’s workers on the move.

Smart computing that’s good for our environment. 

We’re committed to helping you implement a greener computing strategy: one that delivers a more efficient and productive computing experience, and a positive effect on energy wastage, heat and carbon emissions. All Wyse 7000 series mobile thind clients boast considerable green credentials: reduced manufacturing impact and end-of-life recycling waste, and as little as 18 watts energy consumption.

Dell 7000 series Mobile Thin Clients

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