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Dell 3000 Series Xenith Zero Clients for Citrix HDX
Zero Clients for a Wide Range of Citrix HDX Environments

Dell 3000 Series Xenith Zero Clients for Citrix HDX

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Discover new levels of performance, simplicity and ease-of-use in the next generation of Wyse Xenith™ zero clients. They’re built for Citrix HDX™, so users receive an instant-on desktop, and can enjoy a rich media experience that doesn’t tax servers and networks. And it’s easy, too. With simple operation and auto-configuration, Wyse 3000 and 5000 series Xenith zero clients for Citrix are always adapting to new network security and protocol advances. It’s an ideal range of zero clients for Citrix, with HDX and HDX 3D support that keeps users on the cutting edge of performance. Accelerate faster than ever before.

Dell Wyse Xenith 2 Dell Wyse Xenith Pro 2

Dell Wyse Xenith 2

With its extremely compact footprint Xenith 2 is the ideal companion device for Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix HDX technology.


Dell Wyse Xenith Pro 2

It's all about security and performance, and Xenith Pro 2 is our fastest zero client for Citrix yet.


Your desktop just got easier

Delivering major advances in performance, simplicity and longevity, the Xenith range of next generation zero clients are yet again redefining the category Dell Wyse itself created.

  • Performance
    It's built for Citrix HDX. So users receive an instant-on desktop and enjoy a rich media experience that doesn't tax servers or networks.
  • Simplicity
    And it's easy too. With simple plug-n-play operation and auto-configuration.
  • Longevity
    Xenith takes care of everything it needs to stay up-to-date by adapting to network security and protocol advances.
  • Flexibility
    Tailor your zero clients to your performance, budget, and size requirements.

Accelerate faster than ever before.

A Wyse 3000 series or 5000 series Xenith zero client runs fast – really fast. That means you’re ready to work in just seconds. With outstanding performance, connectivity and power, the Wyse Xenith zero clients allows your people to be more productive than ever. The new HDX 3D-capable Wyse 3000 series Xenith 3 offers dual-core powered performance, dual-band Wifi, and dual digital displays, setting a new standard for power and efficiency in an ultra-compact Citrix zero client.

Simple. Self-managed. And right on target for Citrix environments.Simple. Self-managed. And right on target for Citrix environments.

Wyse 3000 series Xenith 3 and 5000 series-Xenith Pro 2 zero clients put on a show with HD video performance that won’t tax your server, network, budgets — or your patience. Just take them out of the box and connect to your network. They are completely configurable, too, without requiring management software.

Simplify your cloud-connected devices.

Wyse Xenith zero clients are built on the Wyse ThinOS Lite zero engine – a mature, tested portable software technology for next-generation zero clients and smart devices. Its tiny footprint — about the size of a digital photograph — turns devices into productive desktops in under 10 seconds. And since Wyse ThinOS Lite zero engine is original technology — with no published API, such as Windows- or Linux-embedded products — it’s inherently virus-free and secure.

Smart computing that’s good for our environment. Smart computing that’s good for our environment.

We’re committed to helping you implement a greener computing strategy: one that delivers a more efficient and productive computing experience, and a positive effect on energy waste, heat and carbon emissions. All Wyse Xenith zero clients boast considerable green credentials: Even in full operation, each model consumes very little energy, resulting in a greener, more comfortable working environment.

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