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Dell EMC Networking OS10
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Dell EMC Networking OS10

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Dell EMC Networking OS10
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The Dell EMC Networking OS10 Enterprise Edition is a Network Operating System supporting multiple architectures and environments. The OS10 solution is designed to allow multi-layered disaggregation of network functions. OS10 contributions to Open Source provide users freedom and flexibility to pick their own 3rd party networking, monitoring, management and orchestration applications, while OS10 Enterprise Edition bundles an industry-hardened networking stack featuring standard L2 and L3 protocols over well accepted Northbound interfaces like CLI, SNMP & REST. The Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) and Control Plane Services (CPS) abstraction layers provide disaggregation at the Network Processing Unit (NPU), as well as for the software applications written on top of linux kernel.

Feature rich OS10 Enterprise Edition software allows users to build fault-tolerant, scalable Layer 2 and Layer 3 network fabric designs. Modular and disaggregated, yet offered as a single-binary, OS10 offers integration with a variety of management and monitoring tools to help orchestrate network updates and fabric life-cycle management.

Hardware abstraction through common APIs

Dell EMC Networking OS10 is a transformational software platform that provides networking hardware abstraction through a common set of APIs so you can:

  • Enable consistency across data center compute and network resources
  • Incorporate compatibility into your existing network operations
  • Enhance programmability across your environment

Consistency across resources

Enable consistency across compute and network resources for your system operators (SysOps) groups that require server-like manageability. Dell EMC Networking OS10 helps you:

  • Extend the Linux® experience from compute to network
  • Lower costs with common operations for optimizing and maintaining compute and network infrastructure
  • Simplify network management, orchestration and automation using common tools

A simple transition to open networking

Easily leverage your existing network configuration. Dell EMC Networking OS10 incorporates traditional networking integration so you can:

  • Take advantage of existing network configurations and designs
  • Allow network operators to continue using command line interface commands and scripts
  • Assist your operations staff in transitioning from multiple groups to just one at their own pace as the network migrates to full open networking disaggregation

Full programmability

Enhance the integration and control you allow your development and operations (DevOps) teams, down to identifying an object as an individual, manageable entity within the platform:

  • Leverage a large ecosystem of native Linux applications and automation tools to optimize your data center networks
  • Drive innovation with unmatched levels of integration capability and behavioral control
  • Future-proof your network investments with Open Compute Project compliance


Legend: S — Standard, OA — Option Available, N — Not Available
Dell EMC Networking OS10 Specifications

Supported Platforms

IEEE Compliance
802.1AB LLDP
802.1D Bridging, STP
802.1p L2 Prioritization
802.1Q VLAN Tagging
802.1Qbb PFC
802.1Qaz ETS
802.1X Network Access Control
802.3x Flow Control
802.3ac Frame Extensions for VLAN Tagging
802.3ad Link Aggregation

Layer2 Protocols 802.1D Compatible
802.1p L2 Prioritization
802.1Q VLAN Tagging
802.1s MSTP
802.1w RSTP
802.1t RPVST+
VLT (Virtual Link Trunking)
VRRP Active/Active
Port Mirroring on VLT ports
VLT Minloss upgrade

RFC Compliance 768 UDP
793 TCP
854 Telnet
959 FTP
1321 MD5
1350 TFTP
2474 Differentiated Services
2698 Two Rate Three Color Marker
3164 Syslog
4254 SSHv2

General IPv4 Protocols
791 IPv4
792 ICMP
826 ARP
1027 Proxy ARP
1035 DNS (client)
1042 Ethernet Transmission
1191 Path MTU Discovery
1305 NTPv4
1519 CIDR
1812 Requirements for IPv4 Routers
1858 IP Fragment Filtering
1918 Address Allocation for Private Internets
2131 DHCPv4 (server and relay)
2474 Diffserv Field in IPv4 and Ipv6 Headers
2597 Assured Forwarding PHB Group
3021 31-bit Prefixes
3195 Reliable Delivery for Syslog
3246 Expedited Forwarding PHB Group
5798 VRRPv3

General IPv6 Protocols
1981 Path MTU for IPv6
2372 IPv6 Addressing
2460 IPv6 Protocol Specification
2461 Neighbor Discovery
2462 Stateless Address AutoConfig
2463 ICMPv6
2464 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks
2675 IPv6 Jumbograms
2711 IPv6 Router Alert Option
3484 Default Address Selection
3493 Basic Socket Interface
4291 Addressing Architecture
3542 Advanced Sockets API
3587 Global Unicast Address Format
4291 IPv6 Addressing
4007 IPv6 Scoped Address Architecture
4213 Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers
IPv6 Static Routes

1745 OSPF/BGP interaction
1765 OSPF Database overflow
2154 OSPF with DigitalSignatures
2328 OSPFv2
2370 Opaque LSA
4552 OSPFv3 Authentication
5340 OSPF for IPv6 (OSPFv3)

2236 IGMPv2 Snooping
3810 MLDv2 Snooping

1492 TACACS (Authentication) Control Plane, VTY ACLs
3162 Radius and IPv6
3579 Radius support for EAP
3580 802.1X with RADIUS
3826 AES Cipher in SNMP
IP Access Control Lists

1997 Communities
2385 MD5
2439 Route Flap Damping
2545 BGP-4 Multiprotocol Extensions for IPv6
Inter-Domain Routing
2858 Multiprotocol Extensions
2796 Route Reflection
2918 Route Refresh
3065 Confederations
4271 BGP-4
4360 Extended Communities
4893 4-byte ASN
5396 4-byte ASN Representation
5492 Capabilities Advertisement

Linux Distribution
Debian Linux version 8
Linux Kernel 3.16

Network Management and Monitoring
IPv4/IPv6 Management support (Telnet, FTP, TACACS, RADIUS, SSH, NTP)
Port Mirroring
3176 SFlow
Support Assist (Phone Home)
RestConf APIs (Layer 2 features)
XML Schema
CLI Commit (Scratchpad)
Uplink Failure Detection
Object Tracking
Management VRF

Control Plane Services APIs
Linux Utilities and Scripting Tools
CLI Automation (Multiline Alias)
Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack

Quality of Service
Prefix List
Rate Shaping (Egress)
Rate Policing (Ingress)
Scheduling Algorithms:
  Round Robin
  Weighted Round Robin
  Deficit Round Robin
  Strict Priority
Weighted Random Early Detect

Data center bridging
802.1Qbb Priority-Based Flow Control
802.1Qaz Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)
Explicit Congestion Notification
Data Center Bridging eXchange (DCBx)
DCBx Application TLV (iSCSI, FCoE)

FCF F-Port
FC Zoning
FIP Snooping

IP Forward MIB
Host Resources MIB
Entity MIB
Dell-Vendor MIB


Download the Dell EMC Networking OS10 Spec Sheet (PDF).

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Dell Networking Products
Dell EMC Networking OS10
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