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Dell Networking 7048 Switch
Enhanced Gigabit Ethernet fixed port switch with 10Gb uplinks

Dell Networking 7048 Switch

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.


Help quickly deploy efficient Layer 3 gigabit switching with Networking™ 7048, featuring robust security and high-availability stacking and management. With 48 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports for wire-speed switching, the 7048 is designed to scale with your network as it grows.

  • High throughput: Supports wire-speed performance with up to 48 ports of GbE and optional 4x 10GbE uplink ports and/or stacking at 64Gbps of bandwidth.
  • Scalable with high availability: Manages up to 12 wire-speed switches as a single unit, each with redundant power and fan options.
  • Energy conscious: Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) architecture helps reduce power to ports in sleep mode or cut power to inactive ports while the 80 PLUS-certified power supply lowers overall power and cooling costs.

High performance

Help meet your network switching needs, no matter how large your organization, with the Networking 7048. It features 48 ports of wire-speed L3 GbE plus robust security and enterprise management capabilities. USB configuration for rapid deployment, dedicated 64GB stacking interfaces and 10GB uplinks help you grow your wiring closets with your network.

Stack up to 12 switches (managed as a single unit) for high-performance availability and failover deployments, including those with Networking™ M6348 high-density 48-port I/O modules for the PowerEdge™ M1000E blade enclosure.

Lifetime Limited WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty

Networking™ switches not only provide the quality, reliability and capability you expect from Dell™ but also the peace of mind that guarantees hardware for life — a true Lifetime Warranty.

Networking 7000 SeriesiSCSI optimization

Help save time when configuring your iSCSI SAN. The Networking™ 7000 series of switches automatically detects EqualLogic™ arrays and configures the switch for iSCSI environments, at both global and port levels. The 7000 series also provides information about all active iSCSI sessions to help enable easier management and optimization.

VoIP functionality

Help ensure that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) traffic is prioritized in the event of resource contention through the voice VLAN function. LLDP-MED provides detailed network topology records, troubleshooting data and emergency call service via IP phone location information.

flexible managementRapid deployment and configuration

Help save deployment time and costs by simplifying your network rollout with Networking™ 7000 series of Gigabit Ethernet switches. Use local USB to easily assign switch configuration, updates and addressing during initial rollout. You can also choose alternative auto-configuration options, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Robust management

You'llenjoy a number of management options with the Networking 7000 Series switches, including:

  • A powerful and industry-standard command-line interface
  • Remote management using an embedded web server
  • Support for SNMP-based management applications
  • Managing up to 600 ports from a single IP address in a stack of multiple 7000 series switches

close upAutomated security

Select from multiple security levels, with options that include such enterprise-class features as:

  • SSH/SSL management encryption
  • DHCP snooping
  • IP and MAC-based ACLs
  • Access password protection
  • Port-based MAC address alert and lock-down
High-level security is provided through:
  • RADIUS (RFC 2865) and TACACS+ (RFC 1492) remote authentication for switch management access
  • Management access filtering via management access profiles

The Networking 7000 switches also help simplify security rollouts by allowing you to try your implementation before fullenforcement is enabled. This helps smooth your transition to a secure network for your enterprise.